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GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Save money, while improving your fleet's performance and customers support.

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Providing Technological Solutions for Fleet Management

We have supported our client’s growth for over 20 years. Become part of more than 60,000 vehicles that are monitored by Satrack.

With Satrack You Can:

  • Monitor your operation by preferred areas or regions
  • Know and improve your operator’s driving habits.
  • Identify trends and analyze operation activities through historical performance reports.
  • Detect unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Identify vehicle idle times to increase productivity.
  • Know the current location or your vehicles.
  • Get real time notifications and alarms of your operation.
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Our company provides technological solutions for fleet management. With over 250 employees working every day to deliver outstanding service.

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How it works

With Satrack, you can save money by improving the performance of your fleet and provide superior customer service.

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We have growth with our clients for over 20 years


"I can inform my clients about the progress of deliveries of the goods without the need to have fixed checkpoints on the road. For me, Satrack is the company the grants the greatest support in the market."

"Satrack has been key for us, his service has helped us improve year after year."

"In addition to receiving constant support, with Satrack we obtain information quickly and easily about our vehicles."

"In the case of changes in the route, such as accidents or lack of clarity in the fulfillment of deliveries, our employees have the peace of mind having the support they need through the information provided by Satrack. Its service helps us keep an honest man honest!"