Real-time vehicle location at your fingertips. Start tracking today!

Satrack's tracking GPS simplifies the chores you tackle every day by organizing and optimizing fleet operations. Our easy-to-use platform unifies data in a central location to deliver valuable information for better decision-making. Improve processes and control costs to reduce downtime and boost the bottom line!

Fleet Management Software

Centralize fleet and asset management in one platform.

Real Time Visibility

Gain real-time insights to drive decision making.


Transmit data on vehicle use, maintenance needs, and servicing.


Access over 50 reports or customize reports to your needs.

Fleet Tracking

Get a 360-degree view of daily operations in real time.

e-Book: “How Small Fleets Can Leverage Data in a Big Way”

Features & Benefits

Satrack tools help fleets of all sizes view and control many moving pieces. Visualize all your vehicles in one place to monitor daily activity and trends, see vehicle status, and receive alerts on set parameters.

  • Access vehicle and driver location, identify who is driving, see how the vehicle is being driven, and receive vehicle diagnostic data in real time.

  • Develop day-to-day reporting structures and customized features tailored to your operations.

  • Advance reporting capabilities with over 50 report templates or customize reports to your unique needs.

  • Set the system to trigger alerts on specific parameters.

  • Track driving habits to improve safety, reduce fuel use, and boost fleet performance.

  • Get a handle on vehicle health to proactively schedule service.

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The Satrack Difference

Satrack has supported client growth for over 27 years! We focus on delivering outstanding service that helps clients save money while making better decisions that support their growth.

About Satrack

Visualize all your vehicles in one place!

  • Current location

  • Real-Time Notifications and Alarms

  • Daily activity & Trends

  • Vehicle Status

  • Customized Reports

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