For transport and / or logistics companies, in addition to human resources, the fleet of vehicles is one of the most important assets and managing it appropriately allows greater agility for those who are responsible for it, as well as greater customer satisfaction and, therefore, more business profitability. These 5 keys to optimizing your fleet contribute to the care and management of the vehicles:

  1. Review the positioning data of the vehicles: know where, when, how long and how often the vehicles are used, helps to have control of the distances traveled, duration of trips, routes, points visited, etc.
  2. Control and reduce vehicle downtime: keep track of maintenance schedule needed for vehicles, reduce the cost of repairs and prevent them from being out of service. Likewise, having the a of preventive maintenance can increase the useful life of the vehicle.
  3. Pay attention to the programming of routes: have on the radar the different routes that can lead to the same destination, as well as the conditions of the same and if they adapt to different types of vehicles, this will help facilitate and streamline the collection processes and deliveries.
  4. Manage driving habits: drivers are the fundamental basis of the transport process, so knowing their behavior behind the wheel through monitoring systems and working in an almost personalized way with them from, will almost guarantee the saftey not only of the vehicle but also of the drivers.
  5. Review reports and make decisions from the data: systems such as tracking, generate reports from the vehicle monitoring, downloading this information and reviewing it frewquently provides the bases you need to make decisions about how to administrate the fleet.

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