Why is Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Important?

If you are a business that ships perishable food, then you know you only have so much time to transport the food before it rots. And, for some types of foods, such as fish, you don’t have much time before the item can “go bad” and become inedible, as well as a safety concern. In the past, merchants wouldn’t be able to transport goods farther than a few miles. No matter how hard they tried, perishable items could not be preserved for later consumption. Today, technology has caught up and made it possible for truck fleets to contain items, such as perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and other high-value items. But how? How are vehicles able to keep important items from going bad in the back of their trucks? Well, Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring is the best way to ensure that all products that are being hauled are safe in appropriate temperatures. With our technology and data logger, you can be sure that your cargo is being kept safely in the back of your trucks.

Cold Chain Shipping Is Safer for Cargo and Your Company

Having the ability to keep track of the humidity, temperature, and even the tampering of your cargo is extremely important for truck fleets. With data ensuring that your cargo is safe, preserves, and cared for, you can protect your own company from any liability. And, back to our perishable items example, some types of cargo, need to be kept in very specific temperature conditions to stay well-preserved. Without this sort of technology, your driver may not be notified that something is wrong in the back of their truck. This means cargo can be wasted and thousands of dollars are lost.

Advanced Temperature Data Logger

By allowing our customers to track their data in real time, we give companies and drivers a sense of peace when transporting precious cargo. With our tracking and data logging software, your fleet can know the state of your cargo, from its safety to its temperature!

Protecting Your Business With Wireless Temperature Sensors

Satrack offers you and your business wireless temperature sensors to ensure all cargo is safe and protected while in route. This types of technology can not only protect produce and other items from melting or rotting, but it can also protect your business. Cargo shipments can equate to thousands of dollars. If lost, your company could be out that money and your driver could be out of a job. Protect your business, workers, and shipments today! Contact Satrack!