Fleet Management FAQs

Fleet management software puts all information about a fleet in one place. The software improves the performance, operation and safety of a fleet through 24/7 real-time data tracking and analytics.

Fleets from one to hundreds of vehicles can benefit from fleet management software.

We outfit every vehicle in your fleet with a GPS receiver that transmits data back to our software. Fleet managers can access our platform from a cellphone or personal computer to access real-time data on vehicle location, vehicle diagnostic information, and driver behavior.

Fleet management software collects data on every aspect of fleet operations. It provides fleet managers will real-time access to information on vehicle location and operation, driver behaviors, operations and activities. The platform enhances record keeping and compliance. Fleet management software helps fleets optimize operations, improve driver behaviors, lower risk, deliver services on time, and reduce operating costs.

Our fleet management software is very affordable, with costs starting at $9.17 a month. Costs vary depending on the size of the fleet, the information you hope to track, and the type of GPS tracker (hard-wired, plug & play, or portable) you select.