What are the dangers of the open road?

Fleet drivers have high-risk jobs. Though it may seem like a career behind the wheel would be simple, fleet drivers can be at great risk. Management staff members are responsible to ensure that all of the trucks within the fleet are operating properly and safely. However, even with the most diligent management team, accidents can happen. That is why having great communication between drivers and their fleet management companies is so important. If a problem were to arise, having fast communication can ensure that the driver receives assistance right away.
In this blog, we will discuss how tracking software can be used to you and your driver’s advantage. By going over some of the dangers that can occur on the open road, you can gain a better understanding of by truck tracking systems are so vital to your driver’s safety.

Rain Can Be Dangerous

For fleet drivers, the sight of rain isn’t always a welcomed one. Rain can be more of a nuisance for drivers, rather than a unique change in the weather. Because some fleet trucks can be carrying heavy loads, slick roads can be problematic and potentially hazardous. When it rains, the roads can get slick and the truck’s windshield can build water streaks which make it difficult to see. Worse, when it is rainy, the sky can get quite dark which can make driving even more of a challenge. Also, night glare is a huge problem for most drivers; this occurs when the lights of the road and the headlights of other cars get blurred by the rain. Night glare can be dangerous because of the visual distortion that make cars look closer or farther than they actually are.


Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Whether your truck driver hit someone’s car, or they themselves were the victim of a crash, accidents happen on the road all the time. However, a simple accident has more consequences for a fleet driver than the average citizen on the road. For instance, fleet drivers have to maintain schedules and get their cargo to its proper destination on time. But when a crash happens, they can be kept from getting their cargo to the right place for hours, even multiple days. More importantly, if your fleet driver is the victim of an accident, they are ultimately stranded wherever the accident occured. This means that they are vulnerable, alone, and stranded in a place they are unfamiliar with. As a manager of a fleet company, it is important that you ensure your drivers safety by getting them off the road and to shelter.
With the proper fleet management tracking system, you will be able to be alerted immediately if an accident has occurred. Not only that, but with tracking software, you will be able to know where your driver is. This will allow you, as a management company, to find someone to pick your driver up or at least accommodate them while the truck is being fixed.

Mechanical Malfunctions

No vehicle is meant to last forever, and the same can be said for fleet trucks. Whether it is an engine problem or a deep-rooted mechanical issue, knowing where your drivers and trucks are at all times is crucial. By being able to detect an issue with your vehicles, you can contact a specialty auto mechanic to work on the truck quickly and efficiently. Because fleet trucks are a special type of vehicle, they cannot be taken to just any auto body shop. Because of this, if there is a problem with the vehicle, having a tracking system in place to know the exact location of the truck can be useful. Why? Well, by knowing where the truck is, you can search the nearest mechanic to the truck’s location.
If there is a mechanical issue with the truck, the tracking system will be able to sense that the truck is not functioning the way it should. Once your driver has alerted you of a problem, you can take the right steps to ensure that the truck and the driver are safe and off the road. Tracking systems are also useful for management companies because they can alert you when a truck is behind schedule. This will give you the chance to alert the truck’s destination that it will not make it in time. When shipments are late or missing, it is important to keep detailed documentation of the truck, the driver, the route the driver used, and when the truck was supposed to end its journey. Having all of this information can prove invaluable, especially when a malfunction occurs.

Satrack Truck Tracking Solutions

At Satrack, we value driver safety. By using our fleet vehicle tracking systems, you can ensure that you know the exact locations of your trucks. In the case of an incident, you, the manager of the fleet, will be prepared to handle the situation and ensure the driver’s safety.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series, as we will continue to discuss the dangers on the road for fleet drivers.