Keeping Drivers from Over- and Under- Working

As a fleet management software company, we understand that drivers have to spend long hours behind the wheel. With our software, we are able to determine how long drivers are working, how long they are able to rest, and where they stop along their journeys. With this data, we recognize that keeping healthy can be a major challenge for drivers, especially when they are on-duty. At a management company, we offer an opportunity to track employees both on the road and wherever they make their eventual stops.
In this blog, we are going to focus on the ways our GPS tracking software can help management staff ensure their drivers are getting the rest they need.

Needed Rest Stops and Tracking

While on the road, drivers have a sense of solitude; they can transport what they need to in the silence of their own truck. But, with our tracking software, you can keep a GPS tracking system on the truck. This will ensure that you know where the truck is while on route, as well as when it takes stops. Drivers need to get their needed rest, especially if they have large loads to carry across the country. Exhausted drivers make for distracted drivers, which means that accidents are more likely to happen. As a management company, you are responsible for not only your truck fleet and its cargo, but your drivers as well. With our tracking software, you can be alerted when a truck is due for its needed rest. This, of course, will give you the opportunity to have the driver take their needed rest and wake up replenished.

Keeping Your Drivers On-Track

Though Satrack can be a useful tracking system for alerting driver when to take a break, the same can be said for over-resting; our software can alert drivers when they need to head back on the road. Fleet management it all about schedules. In order to ensure that shipments make it to their destinations on time, schedules need to be made and met. With our tracking software, alerts and notifications can be sent to your drivers to alert them that it is time to pack up from their rest stops and continue on their journeys. Having this sort of software notification can be a benefit to both the drivers of your fleet, as well as your management staff because it will be able to notify the driver to stay on schedule. Best of all, our tracking capabilities also keep track of when the truck was started and parked. This means, that if a driver were to ignore the notification, the tracking data would be able to track the time the notification was sent and when the truck was started and initiation its route. Satrack can allow you to stay on top of your truck fleet and ensure that all deliveries are made on time. And, because you will be able to track when drivers are working, you can ensure that drivers aren’t over- or under-working while on duty.

Satrack Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Satrack GPS tracking software gives management staff new management capabilities. Instead of being kept in the dark, management companies can know where their trucks are at all times, how long they have been on the road, and how long they have been parked. By having this knowledge at your fingertips, you can ensure that deliveries are kept on schedule and drivers are paid fairly based on their hours worked. More importantly, by being able to track your drivers work schedules, you can ensure that they are taking care of themselves on the road. As stated, healthy drivers make for excellent drivers, which means that by alerting your staff when they need a break can benefit your fleet as a whole.

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