GPS + Temperature Monitoring
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Wireless multi-use device.
Advanced logistics, real-time data, lifetime warranty.

Gps Temperature Monitoring with Satrack

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“Satrack service helped us keep an honest man honest”

FTM, Fleet Technology and Maintenance Corporation.

Take immediate action with real-time information about the conditions of goods in transit, warehousing or material handling. You’ll be able to address issues in real-time, mitigating the risk and loss from disqualified transports.

  • Monitors the exact location and condition of goods, as well as their correct handling and delivery.
  • Provides full transparency during the entire shipping route (last mile, marine, airborne and inland).
  • Ideal for cold chain, perishables, pharmaceutical, warehouse storage, high-value luxury goods uses.

Cost-Effective Monitoring, Control, and Compliance With Low Monthly Cost


Creates a transparent delivery experience

Provide your customers with valuable information about the transportation’s quality and safety of the cargo using an affordable, professional and certified solution.

Increase Operating Efficiency

With wireless sensors and instant alerts combination, you remove the need for manual recording, getting visibility and control of your entire operation.

Simplify FSMA Compliance

Automated, continuous temperature records eliminates manual recordkeeping and makes it easy to provide temperature records on-demand.


Monitors the condition of your goods in real-time

Satrack provides a robust, cost-effective solution to track and monitor high value and sensitive goods using just small sensors, a web service, and mobile experience.

Reduce temperature-related loss claims

Automatic alerts notifications when temperature is out-of-range to avoid spoilage and protect your bottom line.

Prevent theft, losses or misplacements

Using tampering alerts and proximity location throughout the entire supply chain. Reduce supply chain mistakes, avoid delays or damages, and potentially reduce insurance expenses.