Fleet Tracking Software Pricing2022-01-05T16:09:42-05:00

GPS Fleet Management Pricing

Contract Length



No additional charges.
No device needed


One time Charges:
Device from $56.90/up


One time Charges:
Device from $56.90/up
Real-Time Tracking (60 seconds)
Access from anywhere
Monitor current vehicle status (On, Off, Idle)
Data collection every 30 seconds
Current trips details
Historical trips details
Monitor real-time location, speed, and mileage
Activity Reports
Detailed travel per vehicle
Fleet general travel
Vehicle's unusual stops
Real-Time & Scheduled Reports
Productivity Reports
Trip summary
Point of interest (POI) entries/exits
Excessive driving time
Real-Time & Scheduled Reports
Security Reports
No-Go Zones
Unauthorized vehicle use
Real-Time & Scheduled Reports
Activity Alerts
Platform, email & SMS notifications
Productivity Alerts
Point of interest (POI) entries/exits alerts
Geo-fences alerts
Route alerts
Schedule dates alert
Platform, email & SMS notifications
Security Alerts
Unauthorized vehicle use alerts
Trips alerts
Route alerts
Platform, email & SMS notifications
Compound Alerts
User Management
Unlimited users
Users access levels (user - administrator - super user)
Dashboard settings
Dashboard Settings
Interactive statistical information
Language Options
Up to 20 languages
Driving Behavior
Harsh braking
Harsh Acceleration
Harsh turn
Driver score
Vehicle Diagnostics
Coolant temperature
Engine oil temperature
Fuel management
Fuel level
Fuel consumption
OBDII Connections
OBDII data port reading


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get my devices?2019-01-28T07:21:29-05:00

We’re sending out devices daily, so as soon as we can get them out the door for you.

Do you offer customized customer support?2019-10-01T10:40:47-05:00

Without a doubt! A real live human will answer the phone/email.

How much do GPS fleet tracking devices cost?2019-01-28T07:18:44-05:00

Pricing varies, but with a quick call, we can determine the best device/plan for you.

How can I get better driving of my vehicles with Satrack solution?2019-01-28T07:15:17-05:00

You can monitor driver behavior to detect unsafe or overly aggressive driving or excessive speed. This technology can send a driver an immediate alert to reduce speed, which will contribute to better fuel management.

How does the Free Demo work?2019-01-28T07:11:24-05:00

Try Satrack for a limited time with no commitment. You’ll have access to all features and can ask us any questions along the way.

What happens when my Free Demo ends?2019-01-28T07:09:09-05:00

At the end of the trial, we will contact you to see if you want to continue with us to add payment information or be invoiced to continue using Satrack.

Can I try Satrack equipment without buying it?2019-06-19T10:43:11-05:00

Yes! We offer a free trial for qualified customers. Trial our hardware and software for two weeks.