EZ Track Fleet Tracking App

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How to start using EZ-Track?

  1. Purchase your monthly or anual plan here in our shop.
  2. Check your email for login information.
  3. Download the tracking app for iOS or Android.
  4. Start tracking from your phone!

Most businesses have their own sales/service team involved in outdoor activities to promote their products or provide services. Since the bottom line ultimately depends on their productivity, keeping track of the team becomes essential to boosting performance.

Misuse of the company assets is a matter of great concern. It is no secret that field employees and contractors can massage information supplying inaccurate field work and travel details to the company.

EZ-Track can help you monitor employees’ working hours, distance traveled, and location tracking while your team is in the field, all for 5.99 per month:

Location Tracking
Track real-time location, number of customers visited, the time they spend with each customer, and much more.

Panic Button
Our SOS panic button App helps your team instantly connect with their manager if they face an emergency situation.

Timesheet management
EZ-Track maintains a complete record of your field employees/contractors working hours. They need to activate the “Start Tracking” button on the mobile app while starting their workday and select Stop at the end of the day.

Distance Calculator
Calculating the distance traveled for payroll or reimbursement calculation.

Download user manual here 

Video:  Turn your device into a GPS tracker