LTE Portable Asset Tracker

Long lasting battery up to 5 Years depending on Frequency Report. Recovery

From: $87.90

*Include GPS Device + first month of service (60 seconds frequency)

Recommended For
Assets Trailers Reefers Vehicles


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Real Time GPS Tracking
Reliable Alerts And Reports
Driving Behavior
Easy Installation
Engine reading (Fuel level, RPM, Odometer)
Suggested For:
Motor Vehicles tracking
Trailers Tracking
Assets Tracking
Swappable between vehicles

General Specifications

Dimensions 87 × 51 × 30mm
3.43’’(L) × 2.01’’(W) × 1.18’’(H)
87 × 51 × 33.5mm
3.43’’(L) × 2.01’’(W) × 1.32’’(H) (magnetic case mounting version)
Weight 140g (4.94oz)
160g (5.64oz) (magnetic case mounting version)
Backup Battery 3 CR123A lithium batteries, 1400 mAh
Waterproof IP67 compliant
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Internal Temperature Sensor For temperature monitoring
Accuracy: ±1℃
Internal Light Sensor For tamper detection
Internal Motor For vibration feedback after successful operation of function button
Magnetic Mounting Case (Optional) For easy installation on metal surface
Buffer Messages Up to 10,000 buffer messages


FCC, Verizon, PTCRB, AT&T, CE, IC, Anatel


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