1. Dangers of the Road for Fleet Drivers Part 1

    What are the dangers of the open road? Fleet drivers have high-risk jobs. Though it may seem like a career behind the wheel would be simple, fleet drivers can be at great risk. Management staff members are responsible to ensure that all of the trucks within the fleet are operating properly and safel…Read More

  2. Ways To Keep Drivers on Schedule

    Keeping Drivers from Over- and Under- Working As a fleet management software company, we understand that drivers have to spend long hours behind the wheel. With our software, we are able to determine how long drivers are working, how long they are able to rest, and where they stop along their journe…Read More

  3. How Fleet Monitoring Systems Benefit Your Business

    Satrack Fleet Management Tracking Technology As a business owner, you are responsible for a lot, especially in the trucking industry. Not only are you responsible for your drivers and your fleet, but also the cargo inside each of your trucks. It can be a daunting job, especially when technology is n…Read More

  4. 5 Keys to Optimizing your Fleet Performance

    For transport and / or logistics companies, in addition to human resources, the fleet of vehicles is one of the most important assets and managing it appropriately allows greater agility for those who are responsible for it, as well as greater customer satisfaction and, therefore, more business prof…Read More

  5. What to Look for in a General Contractor

    A general contractor can help you to do everything from build a fence to renovate your home. Regardless of whether you need a contractor for help with a larger or smaller home repair or improvement project, you may be looking for a professional who will do quality work for a great price. If you are …Read More

  6. Top 9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

    An attractive landscape speaks volumes about your home. As a homeowner, however, you may lack the time and experience needed to achieve a cohesive landscape. Thankfully, there are professional landscaping companies that will gladly take control of your yard, maximizing its aesthetic value.An attract…Read More

  7. Should Your Company Vehicles be GPS-equipped

    If you worry about where your employees are traveling in company vehicles, or simply want to track where your vehicles are, now may be the time to install a global positioning system (GPS) on those vehicles. With a GPS vehicle tracker, you can accurately track company cars or trucks. State-of-the ar…Read More

  8. The Benefits to Fleet Tracking Software

    Fleet tracking software is widely used in big and small businesses. This is because it has a multitude of benefits for all sorts of businesses. Installing fleet tracking can reduce fuel costs, increase safety and allow businesses to offer better customer service. While it may seem like a high upfron…Read More