Fleet Risk Management & Safety Solutions

Keep safety top of mind by monitoring key metrics to improve driving behaviors and reduce accidents. Use our fleet tracking software to correct and improve driver actions on the road.


Drive Up Fleet Safety

Vital metrics on driver behavior allow you to act immediately to improve fleet safety. Our easy-to-use and affordable platform lets you see driver behaviors in real time.

fleet management software
  • Monitor driver activities and driving habits in real time

  • Identify driving habits that impair fleet safety
  • Develop driving guidelines for driver compliance
  • Use reports to develop effective driver training programs

Fleet Tracking Features

Satrack guides fleets toward improved safety. We use GPS tracking to identify trends in driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking and excessive idling. Use the data to spot and address poor driver behaviors and reward good behaviors.

Customized Reports For Your Fleet Tracking

Our customizable driver reports expose driver safety concerns and trends. View reports online, download them as a PDF or Excel document, or print for your files.

Driving Habits For Your Fleet Tracking

Follow the data to track trends that erode safety such as speeding, harsh braking and excessive idling. Reduce idling, save fuel, and promote safer driving to enhance fleet safety.

Fleet Tracking Vehicle Variables

Observe when drivers are (or are not) working and view unauthorized stops or route changes in real time.

Fleet Tracking Unauthorized Use

Develop driver guidelines and set alerts for specific driver behaviors. Identify who accesses the information and receive only the data you need.

Fleet Tracking Software Real Time Notifications

Our high-sensitivity GPS tracks vehicle location in real time to dispatch the closest driver when customer calls come in.

Monitor the driver’s journey data when they switch between vehicles. Driver ID makes drivers more accountable for their driving behavior, resulting in safer and more cost-effective driving.


Suggested Devices for Safety

Satrack offers devices designed to improve safety at varied functionality levels and price points to meet your unique needs and budget. Choose between Hardwired GPS Trackers, Plug-& Play GPS Trackers and Portable GPS Trackers.


Safety FAQs

When you monitor driver behavior, you can use data on excessive speeds or hard braking to correct and improve employee actions on the road. Improving safety can reduce accidents and save lives.

The cost of a single accident is expensive and can even bankrupt your business. For this reason, fleets from one to hundreds of vehicles can benefit from monitoring driver behavior.

We outfit every vehicle in your fleet with a GPS receiver that transmits data back to our software. Fleet managers can access our platform from a cellphone or personal computer to see real-time data on driver behavior. This tool lets you track trends that erode safety, set guidelines for driver compliance, and use your data to develop effective driver training programs.

Your biggest obstacle when implementing telematics can be driver resistance. Open communication about the whys behind its use eases these concerns. Create benchmarks and monitor them against current driver behaviors. Providing coaching to correct concerning driver behaviors and rewarding drivers as they meet your goals keeps drivers motivated to continually improve.

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