If you worry about where your employees are traveling in company vehicles, or simply want to track where your vehicles are, now may be the time to install a global positioning system (GPS) on those vehicles. With a GPS vehicle tracker, you can accurately track company cars or trucks. State-of-the art GPS services allow you to log in and view current location from any web-enabled computer or cell phone. Some systems also allow the setting of online geographic boundaries. Vehicles that cross a boundary trigger an instant violation alert.

The chief advantage of a GPS vehicle tracker is the ability to allow management to track the location of company cars and the employees driving them at all times. When a customer calls about a scheduled delivery, you can easily advise the customer of the estimated arrival time—without having to call the employee en route. Inappropriate use of company vehicles (e.g. for personal reasons) can also be easily discovered through GPS.

GPS vehicle trackers also encourage more efficient use of company cars. When employees know that their mileage and even driving habits is being monitored, they tend to be more careful in company vehicle use. Employees who understand that the GPS will result in improved efficiency, profitability, and on-the-job safety are much more likely to view the new company vehicle policy as a good thing.
The end result is bottom line savings, which can easily offset the investment made in GPS equipment and installation.

GPS systems are also extremely helpful when drivers become hurt, stranded, or lost. In addition, companies can guide the employee quickly and directly to hard-to-find locations, saving time and fuel and if the fleet management is significant in your business, the savings and efficiency achieved are likely to be well worth the investment.