GPS Fleet Tracking Software for Grocery Stores

If you run a grocery store you know how difficult the industry can be. Margins are low, food products have a limited shelf life and the cost of getting produce from the farm to the shelves is high.

GPS fleet tracking software can address all of those issues, lowering your costs, making your operation more efficient and potentially boosting your profit margin. Here are a few of the many benefits GPS fleet tracking software can bring to your grocery store operation.

  • Increased freshness of produce – Fresh produce is a major selling point for grocery stores, but it is one of the hardest product lines to manage. Fleet tracking software helps company managers track the time from field to store – bringing customers fresher and more delicious produce every day.
  • Better labor utilization – Driving a truck is a valuable skill, and an expensive one. GPS fleet tracking software makes it easier for managers to track their drivers and optimize the time they spend on the road.
  • Ease of use – Some fleet tracking systems proved too difficult and cumbersome to use, but GPS fleet tracking software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Simple location of assets – Installing GPS fleet management software on company vehicles makes them easier to locate if they are lost or stolen.
  • Increased safety – Grocery trucks and delivery vans often operate in congested urban areas. GPS fleet tracking software allows managers to develop better routes and improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Lower costs – Grocery stores operate on notoriously thin margins, so every penny saved makes a huge difference. GPS fleet tracking software lowers costs in a myriad of different ways, from better labor cost management and lower fuel costs to smarter trip routing and lower insurance premiums.

Nothing can make running a grocery store chain simple, but having the right technology in place can make it easier. If you have never considered a GPS fleet tracking software solution for your company, now might be the time.

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