Transportation & Truck Fleet Management Solutions

Your customers demand speed, accuracy, transparency, and delivery status updates. Optimize your fleet operations with a customized fleet tracking and management solution that monitors, organizes and manages drivers, schedules, and maintenance.


Optimize Operations for Transportation & Logistics Fleets

Vital metrics on your fleet help you oversee day-to-day operations, schedule routes, manage your drivers and monitor your fleet. Ensure compliance, boost productivity and reward driver safety with our easy-to-use and affordable platform.

  • Monitor fleet vehicles and driver actions in real time

  • Optimize routes for on-time deliveries

  • Elevate safety on-the-road to reduce collisions

  • Track vehicle operations and maintenance needs

  • Minimize fuel waste, prevent downtime and eliminate inefficiencies

  • Daily reports track drive times, routes, and maintenance needs

Fleet Tracking Features

Satrack advances transportation & logistics by tracking fleets in real time. Our platform uses GPS tracking to transform and optimize your services, so you deliver on payload and satisfy customer demands. Develop goal-based routes and scheduling, identify cost drivers, and boost fleet safety to deliver a first-class customer experience.

Customized Reports For Your Fleet Tracking

Our customizable driver reports expose trends that negatively impact fleet operations. View reports online, download them as a PDF or Excel document, or print for your files.

Driving Habits For Your Fleet Tracking

Track driving habits that erode safety such as speeding, harsh braking and fast acclerations. Take steps to promote safer driving and elevate fleet safety.

Fleet Tracking Vehicle Variables

Observe vehicle operations and maintenance needs in real time. Use our platform to schedule maintenance reminders, assign work orders to technicians, and approve repair requests.

Fleet Tracking Unauthorized Use

Monitor routes, vehicle operations, drive times, and fuel efficiency to identify wasteful practices like excessive idling, extra stops, and routing inefficiencies.

Fleet Tracking Software Real Time Notifications

Set the Satrack system to trigger alerts for parameters tied to productivity. Identify who accesses the information and receive only the data you need.

Use high-sensitivity GPS to track vehicle locations in real time to optimize routes and guarantee on-time deliveries. Early notifications on road conditions let you reroute drivers to avoid delays.

Monitor the driver’s journey data as they switch between vehicles. Driver ID makes drivers more accountable for their driving behavior, resulting in safer and more cost-effective driving.

Tailor automated solutions to your needs. For example, aid payroll by tracking miles or hours of operation.

Customers can count on your for on-time deliveries when you use our system to manage day-to-day operations, schedule routes, and track arrival times.


Suggested Devices for Safety

Satrack offers devices designed to improve safety at varied functionality levels and price points to meet your unique needs and budget. Choose between Hardwired GPS Trackers, Plug-& Play GPS Trackers and Portable GPS Trackers.


Transportation & Logistics FAQs

Transform and optimize your transportation & logistics services through better route optimization, improved safety, and on-time deliveries. Always know where trucks are, where they headed, and their expected time of arrival. Track driving behaviors to spot those that reduce safety. Identify trends that lower productivity and act to optimize performance. Use your data to pinpoint arrival times and predict delays. Maintain your fleet better with daily insight into vehicle operations.

Your customers depend on you for on-time deliveries. Inefficient operations lead to dissatisfied customers, compliance issues, unplanned downtime, and unsafe driving practices. For these reasons, fleets from one to hundreds of vehicles can benefit from monitoring driver behavior.

We outfit every vehicle in your fleet with a GPS receiver that transmits data back to our software. Fleet managers can access our platform from a cellphone or personal computer to see real-time data on fleet operations. Our platform offers advanced reporting capabilities that identify trends that can reduce productivity, impair safety, and lead to costly downtime.

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